London, United Kingdom

Street Regression:Life, Death and Beyond

with Nicolas

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Is there life after death? Could you have been here before? Then have a unique tour where you reflect over life and death whilst venturing through a Royal Parks Cemetery in London.

Death is something that affects us all but we do tend not to talk about it. With Nicolas as your guide and a leading voice on Reincarnation who will happily answer all those burning questions you may have of what happens beyond the grave.

Death is an eventuality we all experience that is often feared and misunderstood that this once in a lifetime experience can help broaden your perspective as you learn about the soul, past-lives, death process etc.

You can even try your very own Street Regression experience (optional) to see if you can get a glimpse of a past-life.

Nicolas can also help with giving advice on tubes and getting around, where to eat, shopping etc.

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Born and raised in London, a unique city that is a melting pot of history, different cultures and people from all walks of life that makes it an eclectic city to live in. A creative mystic and social activist at heart, for the past 10 years I've worked as a professional expert in Reincarnation and Past Lives, Meditation and Astrology with research and case-studies published in numerous publications. I've lived a colorful life having lived in the Himalayas, defying medical understanding through reincarnation cases, uncovering the origins of taboo behaviors to working with VIP celebrities and politicians. I am passionate about the metaphysical and holistic living and would love to share this with you whilst showing you what London has to offer spiritually. I look forward to meeting you! Full profile Leave a Review

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