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Tea Tour in London

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Would you like to learn fascinating facts about the history of tea and tea itself? This walk is almost a continuation of another walk I have – concentrating on sites to the North of the river.

This tour will be mainly about the tea history and sites related to it, to the North of the River Thames.

On this walk you will discover:

• when and how tea smuggling flourished in the UK

• what did the English Tea Ceremony look like in the 18th century, and also when and how it was created

• how Monument and Charles II (who you can see on the Monument itself) are related to tea

• which famous person was called a "hardened and shameless tea drinker" in the 18th century

• where the house of the first governor of the East India Company stood

• where tea auctions took place for almost 319 years

• where and why the East India Company was storing its tea

• in which church most of the people from the tea world are burried, as well as mother goose, and another woman, who is thought to have brought the Great Plague into London

….. and much much more!

If the weather is nice we might finish our tour with the bowl of exception tea on the river bank!

This tour involves more walking and visiting more sites as they are quite spread out.

I will be extremely happy to see you all!

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Lera is a a tea expert and a professional, who in search for The Way of Tea travelled all over the world and studied with tea masters both in London and in China. She is a tea meditator and inspirator, as she calls herself. She guides historical and tasting tea tours, leads tea meditations and ceremonies, and writes about tea and its rich, deep side. On her tours you will get the whole experience, learning about all sides of tea! I have been living in London for almost 20 years now, worked in the City in finance sector. After some time I realised that it's not for me! My search took me to Indian Himalayas to study Japanese form of dance called Butoh, to Beijing to study circus arts and tea mastery, to India again to study yoga and meditation, and back to London to share what I learned and experienced with you! Full profile Leave a Review

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