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Tea Tasting Tour in Shoreditch

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What could be better than spending your morning or afternoon in the trendiest area of London and drinking lots of high quaility tea? Nothing can beat that!

On this tour there will be less walking and less history talking (unless you ask!) than on other Tea Walks. Instead you will be visiting 4 amazing unique places in the area and tasting tea in them. I will talk about the teas and explain why these places are unique, and you will be able to see a different side of Shoreditch - which is usually not on display. You will even meet the owners of some of the teahouses too!

On the tour you will taste a Japanese tea, Indian masala chai and some nice Chinese teas too. We will discuss the difference between Japanese and Chinese teas, how and when the Japanese started steaming their tea, how many types of Chinese teas there are, and much much more! It's almost like a mini tea masterclass!

After the tea session there will be the chance to socialise a bit more!

The Tour will last approximately 3 hours.

All teas in various locations are included in the price. Please note that because this is a TASTING tour, there will be a small portion of tea in each place, not a whole big cup or a teapot for each person.

See you soon!

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Lera is a a tea expert and a professional, who in search for The Way of Tea travelled all over the world and studied with tea masters both in London and in China. She is a tea meditator and inspirator, as she calls herself. She guides historical and tasting tea tours, leads tea meditations and ceremonies, and writes about tea and its rich, deep side. On her tours you will get the whole experience, learning about all sides of tea! I have been living in London for almost 20 years now, worked in the City in finance sector. After some time I realised that it's not for me! My search took me to Indian Himalayas to study Japanese form of dance called Butoh, to Beijing to study circus arts and tea mastery, to India again to study yoga and meditation, and back to London to share what I learned and experienced with you! Full profile

1 Review


Lera was a wonderful guide with a wide knowledge on teas. She is very pationate about tea and an interesting person herself. It is amazing what I have learnt today - from now on I have a different view and geratet understandig. Thank you.

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