Paris, France

Graffiti Mural Art Workshops

with Demian S.

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Demian S.
Style: Artsy

The Underground Paris Mural Workshop is taught by Parisian graffiti artists and covers the primary techniques of how to design and execute a large-scale graffiti mural as a group.

The graffiti mural workshop as well as being a free and artistic experience, has a strong teamwork component, that is, the end mural comes from the group after negotiating an overall concept and design.

The workshop is physical, sometimes a little messy, and you’ll learn new skills, while having fun with new friends!

The mural workshop takes place on the first Sunday of the month (2.5 hours approx) at 10am. Meeting at Bercy Metro station, in front of Bercy Cafe, 118 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, and taking place at Bercy Skatepark.

If you cannot make this day and time get in touch! We can arrange a private mural workshop just for you!

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