Reviews for Taste Athens Food Walk


Marina's Food Walk was hands down my favorite experience in Athens. I felt like I was being guided by both a local and a friend! I learned so much about recent Athenian history, contemporary Greek culture, and, of course, amazing and affordable Greek delicacies. Marina was very accommodating towards the fact that I'm a vegetarian. This tour is worth it's weight in gold and good a website into the heat of Athens. You must take this tour! *Also, this experience was a joy for me as a solo female traveller.


I had a great time walking around the historical centre and tasting original local food with Marina! she is such a passionate foodie and her knowledge about the city of athens and local gastronomy is remarkable!I really enjoyed her company and I am thankful that she guided me through my discovery of the real greek food! I will definetely join her again in my next visit at Athens!