Brașov, Romania

Day Trip to a Gypsy Village

with Mircea T.

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Mircea T.
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Day trip to a gypsy village to arouse your curiosity about the last nomads in Europe.

Day trip to a gypsy village near Brasov to arouse your curiosity about the last nomads in Europe.

Beginning with the IX Century, Eastern & Central Europe were invaded by different migrating nations arrived from the Caucasian area & India. The migrating people arrived from India that settled are known today as "gypsy" people.

In countries like Serbia, Romania, Spain , Italy, France or Bulgaria, the gypsy people are divided in the ones that have a trade transmitted from generation to generation (craftsmen as jewelers, hangmen, jailers, horse breeders, singers) and the ones that still respect and cherish the nomad tradition, without any thoughts of settling or abiding to social rules.

You'll be surprised by the way they rise their children, shocked about their arrangements for underage marriages, excited about their esoteric knowledge and appreciative to their ability to insert themselves in romanian, hungarian or german communities in Transylvania.

1 day trip to a gypsy village to arouse your curiosity about the last nomads in Europe and how they keep their predator native instincts.

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