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Winemaking is a 7,000 plus year old art & science. Aging wine in the sea is not new, but the research, technology and know how applied to science of aging wine undersea has come about only in the past 10 years.

Visiting the underwater winery in Plentzia Bay (Bilbao, Spain) you will discover the heart of Crusoe Treasure.

In this legendary underwater labyrinth, the forces of the sea and Crusoe Treasure have come together to create an ideal setting for the sea life and their treasured beverages. Selected grapes undergo their transformation into unique beverages in conditions where pressure, temperature, light and currents help them to build their treasure.

When visiting the cellar by boat, you will be able to discover our underwater world by looking in the screen the images from their diver’s camera or diving with them in a unique experience that takes you to the history of shipwrecks and their treasures.

This experiencie include:
• One of the Founding Members will present to you the
Crusoe Treasure project. Visiting our underwater wine cellar through photos an videos at our office in Plentzia.
• You will be taken on a boat trip where you will discover our wine cellar and artificial reef through the eyes of a real time underwater camera.*
• The experience also includes the tasting of two of our treasures (CT Classic and CT Passion) while at the same time discovering the wonderful flavors of the basque ‘pintxos’.

The tour lasts 3 hours.
*The activities are carried out depending on weather conditions.

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Crusoe Treasure is a limited-edition boutique wine aged at the bottom of the sea in the first underwater cellar and artificial reef in the world. Crusoe Treasure is created for adventurous and passionate wine lovers who wish to experience fine wine and unique spirits unlike anything on land. Unlike other beverages, Crusoe Treasure has perfected the science of aging wine underwater through years of research and technology innovation. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the wine industry through sustainable practices while creating greater awareness about our oceans. Full profile Leave a Review

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