Bilbao, Spain

Underwater Wine Tasting

with Anna R.

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Anna R.
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Do you want to taste an authentic treasure? Don’t forget about the opportunity to taste one of our underwater wines, while at the same time getting to know the project and the artificial reef that has been created by Crusoe Treasure.

Discover the how and why wines treasured under the sea age in a different way. The darkness of the ocean, pressure and consistent cool temperatures change the consistency, bouquet and taste of our wines.

This experience lasts 1h approx and it's ideal for any time of the year.

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Anna R.

Crusoe Treasure is a limited-edition boutique wine aged at the bottom of the sea in the first underwater cellar and artificial reef in the world. Crusoe Treasure is created for adventurous and passionate wine lovers who wish to experience fine wine and unique spirits unlike anything on land. Unlike other beverages, Crusoe Treasure has perfected the science of aging wine underwater through years of research and technology innovation. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the wine industry through sustainable practices while creating greater awareness about our oceans. Full profile Leave a Review

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