Vienna, Austria

Salon Tikun Olam

with Naftali N.

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Naftali N.
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A strictly private-run salon for free with two focus: Culture/Art and technical innovation. The "Salon Tikun Olam" takes place in private appartment in the center of Vienna nearby Stadtpark. Each month on saturday (23.5./20.6./18.7./22.8./26.9./24.10/28.11./26.12) starting at 19.00 (PM) we - my wife and me - present a promising artist, writer, musician or technical innovation. It is a small private event. The "Salon Tikun Olam" tries to contribute to the (predominately) jewish-reform tradition of "salonculture" in Vienna which has been almost extincted by the Nazis. So proper but not heavy formal dressing is required (no shorts, sandals etc.). Please write some lines why you want to partake and who you are (write to: Kosher Wine, cheese and bread will be served. (Note: The photo below shows the most re-knowed salon of the mainly reform-jewish family Todesco at the Palais Todesco.)

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Naftali N.

I´m philosopher&entrepreneur, born in Vienna, have three awesome kids and live in the center of Vienna, near Stadtpark. One in month (each saturday, 19.00 pm) we - my wife and me - invite to our private-run for free "Salon Tikun Olam", which takes place in our home. Our "Salon Tikun Olam" has two focus: Culture (new literature, music, photography) and technical innovation (focus on internet, big data and stuff like that). Full profile Leave a Review

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