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Greco-Roman Tour of Italy

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Venafro is an ancient Roman town, well connected to Italy’s capital by both train and buses. Depending on the size and number of groups’ members, I am available for pickup at Rome’s Fiumicino international airport.

Depending on what you are interested in, I can offer trips from Venafro to major Southern Italian sites of interests such as Rome, Naples, Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Monte Cassino Abbey, Sorrentine Peninsula, and many more.

Depending on your needs, I’ll be happy to assist you with all your questions, including tours and trips throughout Molise.

Transportation and a day tour! This price is for one day, and please contact me if you want to arrange something for multiple days. Discount applies.

The fact that the Romans had conquered militarily the Greeks is known, as much as that the Greeks had conquered the Romans culturally. However, the Greek goddess of love and beauty was Aphrodite, which the Romans renamed Venus. Analyzing the name Venafro, is evident how it is composed of Ven-ere and Afro-dite, the Italian equivalents of Venus and Aphrodite. Therefore, Ven-Afro = Venafro.

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Rinaldo Pilla (aka Al) is the author of the research titled “Samnite semantics,” where the former prefect of Judea, Pontius Pilate’s ancient home in Venafro (IS) is presented for the very fist time. More at: Full profile Leave a Review

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