Reviews for Caballito Through the Ages

Patricia G.

Cool! TAKE THIS TOUR! Elisa, was very passionate about providing the best tour; she takes you to places you probably would not known exist. This is not an area that tourists usually get to see though it is very interesting. It was a real privilege to get to see this neighborhood that became more alive with anecdotes on past and present. And she seems to know everybody there and has access to all sort of secret and incredible places. AMAZING! I really recommend “Caballito through the Ages” tour to all the people that want to go beyond the simple touristy attractions. I highly encourage everyone to give this tour a chance … you won’t be disappointed Actually, I did 3 tours with Elisa and they were all amazing . I would highly recommend her tours to anyone!

Matt C.

My wife, daughter (8 years old), and I were lucky enough to spend an entire day with Elisa during the Christmas holiday taking both tours she offers. We were not disappointed -- all the insights of the previous reviews regarding the unique things you see are all accurate, but the comments really haven't truly captured the level of effort and preparation Elisa puts into her tours. She really does care about showing you only the most relevant, interesting things, and she was careful to work with us prior to our trip to make sure we let her know our expectations for the day and our schedule. The Caballito trip is a really special trip, something that you really would never be able to do in a limited time frame without somebody with the level of expertise that Elisa possesses. She is an engaging, energetic and knowledgeable guide with a real passion for the tour she's assembled. We've taken many tours, and this is really one that will always be remembered. This is the tour you need to take in Buenos Aires if you have time for just one unique experience -- one of a kind!!!

Chris S.

We spent the morning with Elise on the Caballito tour in BA. It was a fun way to see a part of BA we would not normally go. THis was our thrid time in BA and we wanted something different. The tour had some intersting stops with the highlight being the subway ride on a wooden subway and a visit to a tango place that was really old and interesting. No tango dancing going on in the morning but the place was really interesting.Vayable is a great way to get to know the city with a local. We will try it in other cities we visit.

Leland H.

I highly recommend this tour! Elisa knows this charming and full-of-life neighborhood intimately. And it shows! First up, she places this overlooked neighborhood in its historical perspective (what is the Caballito, anyway?). And then... Around every corner, or so it seems, is a new surprise, a new mystery revealed. You will stop and marvel at places that even most residents pass by. Elisa will peel back detail after detail, until each comes alive with a delightful insight. Equally important, you'll get to meet some of the coolest barbers and shop owners ever! Even the more well known sites along the tour take a star-turn -- Elisa knows the best vantage points for the perfect photo op -- and if you want to linger awhile, don't worry -- this is your tour and, because Elisa only books small parties, you can linger all you want. One of the best parts for me was the conversations we had. Elisa knows a ton, but she's also very open to new and different perspectives. Again, because the tour group is purposely small, there's plenty of room for questions and a lively back and forth. This is not your typical "hurry-hurry" tour. By the time you finish, you will not only have fallen in love with Caballito, you'll also have some indelible memories. Incredible! Just remember to wear your best walking shoes...


This was a fantastic tour and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to visit an area of the city that you wouldn't normally see as a tourist but still get to see some interesting places. Elisa’s tours are the best things I have done in Buenos Aires. Elisa is a great guide, friendly, engaging and approachable. And she spoke great English. This tour is tailored to your pace and interests as you will get the perspectives, information, and history that are most interesting to you reveled through a local’s eye. It is full of fun and very interesting insights. I learned a lot more about the city, food, culture and people of Buenos Aires. This is something that not many people can say they have done, so if you are looking for something like this while in Buenos Aires, I would say go for it! I was certainly very pleased. Thanks for an awesome tour!

Julian L.

This was one of my favorite things I did in Buenos Aires. If you just take a city tour you will miss this different and enjoyable area of the city since it is not in the touristic circuit. You could tell that nothing was “prepared” for the tourists. I was so lucky that no other people were joining me, so it was like a "private" walking tour. Elisa was fantastic, engaging, enthusiastic, sweet, energetic and friendly. She was very familiar with the area and had extensive knowledge of it. She told me interesting stories/history and anecdotes too that made the tour educational and fun at the same time. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about the history and the culture of Buenos Aires. Especially she was a treasure trove of information and gladly responded to all queries in a straightforward, honest manner and made the whole tour interactive. The barber shop, bar and living museum was amazing! Never imagined a museum could be so much fun and at the same time so informative. I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. I was delighted with the coffee house, the historical market and the other places not mentioned in the description of the tour. I also gained interesting insight into the origins of the English District. The tour took about 3 hours though she said she could take longer as she was flexible to accommodate the needs and questions I might have. It was like having a local friend to show you around. Also, the perfect amount of walking and the dynamic of the tour made the three hours fly by. This will probably be some of the best 3 hours you spend in Buenos Aires! It is definitely a don't miss experience. I had a great time on this tour.