Reviews for Prague Beer Tour - Unlimited Tasting

Matt A.

My girlfriend and I couldn't recommend this tour more. We ended up on a private tour with the guide, V., after a group of three ended up cancelling without notice. He took us on a nice tour through the city center of three unique micro-breweries that each had their own atmosphere, story, and flavorful offerings. We would not have found these places on our own, but they were all great. By the end of the tour, we had tried roughly 10 different beers and -- just as importantly -- felt like we had made a new friend in V. Just a quick thought: while the three of us were at the first brewery we saw another beer tour go by. Probably 20-30 people on the tour. One of those tours with the headphones and a guide talking into your ear, but not to you. In that moment, and thinking about it again as I type this out, I couldn't have been happier booking THIS tour instead of THAT tour. Do yourself a favor an make a memory by booking this tour. Thanks again, V. and Martin.

Daniel S.

So, long story short - I had a great time! Martin was very knowledgeable guide with a lot of beer related stories and facts to tell. We visited 3 places, which I wouldn't be able to find on my own and where fantastic local beer is brewed. On the first stop even a local brewmaster took us to the basements and showed us all the tools and ingredients used for brewing there. While walking thru Prague I was told bunch of interested facts about the Czech history and architecture. At last stop we were given some Czech appetizer (btw very tasty) and I could order as many beers as I wanted. But well..I was having more than enough at this time (9 beers) :-) Anyway thanks a lot Martin for a awesome tour!