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Monti and Michelangelo Walking Tour

with Esther M.

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Esther M.

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The Monti district is the first and the most ancient of Rome; it is the ancient Roman Suburra – the word Suburra means "inhabited area under the city". I invite you to visit the district on foot with me for a livelier experience of one of the most appealing areas of the Capital. We will wander through its monuments and its craftsmen workshops.

First we will visit the Basilica of S.ta Maria Maggiore, the biggest church of Rome dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and famous for its mosaics dating back to the 5th century! Crossing the Monti district, with its still preserved medieval town and craftsmen workshops, we will reach the Church of St. Peter in Chains. Inside is housed one of the masterpieces of art, Michelangelo's statue of Moses. After a couple of other ancient stops, we will pass by the Trajan's Market, and at the end of this walking tour you will see the famous Trajan's Column, a column representing historical battles.

Guided tour with Rome native with educational background in tourism.

If you have younger children prices will be lower or free. Please message me for details.

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Esther M.

My name is Esther, I'm from Rome and I'm a tour guide. As a Roman I like to offer new, original experiences to people interested in discover the hidden Rome behind the most famous places of the eternal city. I can be your real, human contact in Rome and I can also organize your transfer from the airport and give you other options about things to do in Rome and in the surrounding area and suggestions about restaurants and accomodation. I've studied Art at the University and I'm studying foreign languages for my job to work with people proceeding by different countries. At the moment I work in Spanish, English and Portuguese language, and of course in Italian, my mother tongue. I hope to see you soon in my city! Full profile

22 Reviews

Juliann L.

If you want a guide that is energetic and knowledgeable then Esther is the perfect fit! She has experience with giving tours but strays away from the boring group tours on buses. She would much rather walk through the ancient ruins and explore.

Barney B.

Esther showed me things in the Monti district I never would have found on my own, even with guidebooks and the Internet. We went into many amazing and beautiful churches and I learned a lot from her. It was a delightful afternoon with a knowledgeable native Roman showing me around. Also, Esther gave me great advice on what to do before and after my tour, including a great place to eat. I am definitely doing another tour with Esther when I visit Rome again.

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