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Set along the Catalan coast by the deep blue Mediterranean sea is one of Europe's most stunning cities: Barcelona. Its rich history of trade and commerce continues to thrive today as Barcelona can boast of being Spain's most cosmopolitan, temperate and eminently visitable city. Its streets are lined with reminders of long-gone times, and the bohemian influence is in evidence in its stunning architecture, most notably in the world-famous works of Antoni Gaudí. The region can also name such creative heavyweights as Picasso, Dalí and Miró amongst is more famous sons.

The locals are fervently proud of their cultural heritage, from ancient traditions such as the language, their cuisine and wine, to contemporary successes such as their music festivals and their football. The bars, restaurants and squares bustle all year round, and the area enjoys a sub-tropical climate. Whilst you are never very far from the beach, the Pyrenees mountains are just a few hours away by car. Its public transport is excellent, or if you prefer, it is compact and flat enough to get around by bike.

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