Food in Athens

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About Food in Athens

One of the most pleasant parts of trip to Athens is the local Greek cuisine. A healthy cuisine with a variety of excellent quality products such as olive oil, vegetables and local wines. Athens has more than 5000 restaurants and taverns. Go where the locals go and you will find out that Greek food is something more than souvlaki, mousaka and ouzo.

What to Eat?

Mastiha chicken, Taztziki sauce, fried calamari, Tarama, Greek salad, Feta cheese, Anthotyro cheese, Saganaki (fried cheese), loukoumades, mpougatsa with cream or meat.


If you are happy with service and food you can leave additional 5-6 euros at your table.

Price per Meal


Best Restaurants

Trapezaria, Mani Mani, Tzitzikas and Mermigas, Elaias Gi, Funky Grourmet, Vasilenas, Melilotos.

Best Cafes

Balux cafe Glyfada, Rich cafe Glyfada, Public Cafe, Chocolat cafe, Moka cafe.

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